Gregory Blair, Director

 The greatest attributes an artist can bring to a film are talent, professionalism and attitude. Andrew embodies all three.

We knew DEADLY REVISIONS would be a tricky film to score because it was a combination of a straight-forward psychological thriller and a wink-filled valentine to the horror genre. So we needed a composer who understood both genres and could create music that would emotionally resonate on both levels. Andrew has a great sense of classical appreciation and technical skill in both orchestration and in the thematic concepts behind the genres and their trappings; I could count on him to create powerful pieces to skillfully elevate scenes, to provide alternatives as desired, to exercise wit with musical winks...and to do it all in a timely fashion and with an unflinchingly cheerful disposition I wish I could patent. Working with him has been one of the highlights of making the film.

Though I’d love to keep him all to myself, it would be far too selfish for me not to share his worth with my filmmaking brothers and sisters; I cannot recommend Andrew highly enough. 


Michael Bartlett, Director

 Collaborating with young and incredibly talented artists is one of the great joys of directing and producing an independent feature film. Working with Andrew Poole Todd on the soundtrack for "House of Last Things" was a special thrill. A classically trained musician, Andrew was a perfect fit for our movie, bringing to every session a depth of experience and maturity far beyond his years. Patient and inventive, Andrew understood my vision immediately and became an invaluable member of our post production team. I can't imagine our film without Andrew's colorful orchestrations and rich, dark tonalities. I look forward to working with Andrew again. As a matter of fact, we have teamed again for my new film, THE BERLIN BRIDE, a leaner, more experimental feature where obsessive sound design and dreamy-dark music perform equal to the cast as there is virtually no dialogue in this absurdist tale inspired by the great silent film era. 


Thad T. Smith, Exceutive Producer

I have gotten several emails and communications from people that have complemented the score and its use within the show. It was not only exactly as I had imagined it was virtually “pain free” from a Director/Producer standpoint.  Your compositions when put to picture moved me in emotional ways that I have not felt for a long time. 


Steve Tatone, Director

 Andrew's dedication and passion for his work makes him a force to be reckoned with in the film world. We can't wait to work with him again on our new film!