Foxbridge is a 4 minute show piece for orchestra. Named after the legend in horse racing, Foxbridge is fast, exciting, and gets audiences on their feet. After being selected as the winner of the Asia America Symphony Orchestra Composition Competition, Foxbridge was first performed by David Benoit and the AASO, and has been subsequently performed by orchestras throughout the Northwest.


Words from Maestro Huw Edwards

"I really liked it so I agreed to perform it with the Portland Columbia Symphony. It was very well received by our audiences so I asked if I could program it again with the Olympia Symphony Orchestra in Washington. Andrew was very prompt in sending parts, answering questions (from musicians following rehearsals) and he made several revisions for the performance—to highlight effects at certain moments and to reduce the orchestration a little for budgetary purposes in Olympia, which was much appreciated by our Board and Personnel Manager.

Andrew is gifted, writes with a dramatic flair and gives all the instruments great

parts to play. He made himself available and wrote a heartfelt note to the Board

and Orchestra after the performances. I recommend him highly." - Huw Edwards, Music Director and Conductor, Olympia Symphony


Tualatin Valley Symphony Family Concert April 15, 2018. Conductor, Andrew Poole Todd