Violin, Composition, and Music Theory Lessons

I offer lessons to a select number of students in the Portland metro area.  My studio is conveniently located in Southwest Portland near Jackson Middle School. Please fill out the form  below to find out more information.


"The past three years with you have been amazing. When I decided to learn the violin I did a lot of “research”. Everyone said that the violin was one of the most difficult instruments to learn. While I agree with that assessment, I know that it can be a stubborn instrument, but having a teacher like you who conveys their passion for the content, makes it a much more compelling pursuit. You have been with me from my first scratchy, squeaky bow stroke and you have gone above and beyond what I anticipated getting out of the lessons. You took something I love, music, and filtered it through a lens that I could relate to, science. I love how, at my lessons, we dive into experiments with tone, frequency, amplitude, and all kinds of music theory." - Dalton C.

"We have really enjoyed your gentle and steady guidance for Rose’s violin skills.  You have helped set a wonderful technical foundation that will last a lifetime.  Thank you.  Thank you."  - Jayne C.

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